I would like to point you to the newest post by John Piper titled “Why I Don’t Own a Television and Rarely Go to Movies.”


This post is an addendum to an interview that I saw with Piper when I was at the Advance 2009 conference a few weeks back. It is definitely worth reading and sparked some thoughts from me. I know posts like this normally aren’t what I do on here but I would like to put a few things I found incredibly worthwhile in Piper’s post.

What stuck out to me the most was this quote: “I have a high tolerance for violence, high tolerance for bad language, and zero tolerance for nudity. There is a reason for these differences. The violence is make-believe. They don’t really mean those bad words. But that lady is really naked, and I am really watching. And somewhere she has a brokenhearted father.” The reason this stuck out to me so much is that I am the same way. I’m not offended by violence or cussing in movies because as Piper said it’s acting, it’s not real. But, as he said, I do not enjoy nudity in movies. If I come across nudity in a DVD I will gladly skip over that part, that’s why there’s a fast foward button on remotes.

I will not go to the extremes that Piper has and get rid of my TV and stop watching movies simply because I do not feel convicted about it. I do, however, respect those who do take this approach. I greatly appreciate the ministry of John Piper and this blog has been incredibly helpful to me.

Now, something I have yet to do on here. I want you to respond. If you read this and are a conscious living person, my guess is that you have some thoughts on the subject, I want to hear from all of you in the comments, I want some discussion going because I feel that this is worth discussing. What do you think? Is Piper right about the nudity/cussing/violence issue? Is Piper just a crazy Calvinist who should watch more film/television? What do you feel about watching tv and movies, is it a waste of time for a Christian? For real, I want to hear your thoughts.