I went into Wanted with high hopes. A movie about a secret fraternity of assassins with stylized action sequences? Sounds perfect, almost everything I want in a movie. Throw in some philosophy and make me think and no other movie ever needs to be made in my opinion. Well, Wanted had all of these things, and it tried to throw in some philosophy, but sadly I was left wanting (heh, I didn’t even mean to do that).

The premise of Wanted is that there is a secret fraternity of assassins who gets their assignments from a mysterious weaver machine thing and they are to unquestioningly kill the target. Everyman who works a boring desk job and has a crappy best friend who is having sex with his crappy girlfriend, enters the story when his father is killed. It’s revealed to him that his father was a member of the group of assassins, that Everyman has super adrenaline powers and can therefore do unbelievable things like curve bullets and shoot wings off of flies, and that only he can kill his fathers killer. By this point, you can probably tell that the plot is thin at best. Add in the obligatory plot twist and you have the entire movie. I don’t think a plot twist counts when I saw it coming from a mile away.

The action sequences were neat and well done in Wanted for the most part. I did find myself impressed with a lot of the visual effects. What bothered me was the sheer unbelievability of most of the movie. I have never had a problem suspending my disbelief for a movie until Wanted came along. While things like curving bullets are neat in theory, you have to at least explain how the bullet is defying every law of physics and curving instead of just forcing the viewer to swallow it. Adrenaline does not make the laws of physics magically disappear. A bullet cannot travel miles across a city, blowing through car windows, energy drink cans etc. and fly straight to the target. The movie fails to take into account wind, the curve of the earth, the fact that smashing through one window is enough to entirely change the trajectory of the bullet etc. Or maybe I just know too much about guns for my own good. I blame video games.

The acting was decent to wonderful for the entire film. Everyman got on my last nerve which is not a good thing when you want me to relate to him. This is actually the first film I have seen that I really enjoyed Angelina Jolie in, I thought she did a wonderful job with her role. Morgan Freeman’s role was very different for him, but one that I enjoyed nonetheless. Hearing him drop the f bomb twice was surprising, and it honestly made me laugh a little bit coming from him.

Wanted wants to be philosophically rich and deep, but it fails miserably. There was nothing in Wanted that made me think for longer than 2 seconds. The philosophy of “Kill one, save 1,000” is paper thin and falls on it’s face when the 2 protagonists of the film kill hundreds of innocent people on a train trying to take out their one target.

Wanted really wants to be Fight Club. I loved Fight Club, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. Wanted blatantly rips off multiple things in Fight Club which makes me really upset. Let me sum it up for you, guy who is lame and works a desk job meets a really neat guy (or group in Wanted) and it changes his outlook on life, he eventually becomes awesome and says a big screw you to the establishment while getting back at everyone who did him wrong and taking control of his own life. Sound familiar?

So what is my overall opinion of Wanted? I won’t be seeing it again, and I wish I hadn’t seen it a first time. The best way I can describe it is “Fight Club with guns if Fight Club was terrible.”

Overall Rating: 3.5/10