Fingerlicking New Julie  Julia Poster

So I found out about this movie while watching one of my favorite shows on Food Network, The Next Food Network Star. I secretly (I guess not-so-secretly now) want to be a chef. I love to cook, I love to experiment in the kitchen, I love watching the Food Network and I would absolutely love to go on The Next Food Network Star one day. Julie and Julia is a chick flick that centers around two chefs, well, one chef and a blogger who decides to imitate that chef. I absolutely loved it.

The acting in the film absolutely blew my mind. Meryl Streep could not have done a better job portraying Julia Child. She nailed her voice, her mannerisms, everything about her. My mom went with me to see the movie and had no idea what it was about. The movie opens with Julia talking in a car, you can’t even see her yet. My mom looked at me and said “That’s Julia Child! I didn’t know that’s who this movie was about!” That’s always a good sign. I can’t say that the acting for Julie was as accurate since I didn’t know anything about her before seeing the movie. I can say that after reading her newer blog (not the one the film is based on), I like the movie Julie more.

The movie is based on two memoirs, one of which was a blog. This is the first film to be based on a blog which I think is neat. One half of the movie is based on Julia Child’s memoir about her days in Paris and writing her cook book, the other half is based on a blog/memoir by Julie Powell. The two parts of the movie are interwoven together to show the parallels between Julie and Julia’s life. It can get confusing at times, but I liked the way it was executed.

There was nothing really theological or philosophical to think about, but sometimes I like just enjoying a movie. One thing I did absolutely love about this film was the pro-marriage message carried in it. Both Julie and Julia had wonderful husbands who were supportive and encouraging throughout the whole ordeal. Neither marriage was perfect and the film showed the fights, but they always reconciled, and the love was evident.

Julie and Julia is not ground-breaking, it isn’t going to change cinema as we know it. But it was a fun movie for a guy who loves to cook and fantasizes about being a chef. Not to mention, I like to fantasize about publishers and movie makers running across one of my blogs and deciding it’s worthy of a book and movie. This movie fed both of those fantasies for me. It’s a fun movie, not quite a chick-flick but close enough to be called one, and it has some killer acting. If you’re looking for a fun movie to see, a movie that will make you laugh and walk away feeling encouraged, this is the movie for you.
Overall Rating: 8/10