9 sounded incredibly interesting to me. An animated movie created for adults and not kids set in a post-apocalyptic world? Yes please. Not to mention it had a killer cast, I was pretty stoked about seeing it.

I’ll start off with the positives. It looked really really good. The visuals astounded me. It is easily some of the best animation I’ve seen. Some of the character design was genius. Well that about does it for the positives.

The story was cliche. Basically a mix of The Day the Earth Stood Still, Terminator, and The Matrix, except not good (not that The Day the Earth Stood Still was good, but the other two were). The voice acting was decent, but not that great.

The philosophical musings on the soul were…well…they left something to be desired. Something about breaking up your soul into 9 parts and putting them in ragdolls to save the world? Oh and if your soul is captured by a big mean machine there’s a ceremony that will cause the captured and “dead” pieces to ascend into the atmosphere and bring about new life on earth. I think it was like 5/9 of a soul = new life.

This may be the shortest review so far. Which fits with the movie which barely clocked in at over an hour. Don’t waste your time, 9 is not worth it.

Overall rating: 3/10