I love Dave Eggers. He is possibly my favorite writer. When I found out he had started doing screen plays, I was understandably pretty excited. So far, he has written two movies: Away We Go and Where the Wild Things Are. I got Away We Go from Netflix today and decided to watch it with my roommates. We were not disappointed in the least.

The film follows an unmarried couple who gets pregnant and tries to find a city to settle down in and raise their child. In every city they visit, they see old friends or family members who are parents and see how they interact with their kids. Each family represents a different stereotype of parenting. It’s hilarious and incredibly sad at the same time. There is one family that perfectly represents most American families, broken and careless. Another family represents the new-agers who are into spirituality and let their kids do whatever they want. Another family represents the adopters. And finally, there is a divorced and broken family. I think that the movie accurately portrayed all of these in moving ways.

One of my favorite parts of the film was one family discussing what holds a family together. The husbands answer was that love and patience is what holds everything together in a home. Towards the end of the speech you can see that he is miserable, but I think his idea was dead on.

The camera work and acting were exceptional, and the soundtrack fit the film perfectly. John Krasinski did a wonderful job playing his part. I was really worried that he was going to just play Jim from The Office, but he did a great job with a completely new character.

As far as “objectionable content” goes, this is a rated R movie. There is a decent amount of cussing and one awkward semi-sex scene, but no nudity. Also, as previously mentioned, the pregnant couple is not married. So, with that being said, it didn’t bother me but it may bother some more conservative viewers.

I absolutely loved Away We Go. I will most definitely be buying it on DVD, which is something I don’t do too often anymore. I highly recommend it.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10