I am a fan of Showtime shows. I love Dexter and I love Weeds. Recently, Netflix began streaming 2 other shows from Showtime that I had been wanting to watch, The Tudors and Californication.

I decided to start on Californication first. I know the name should have tipped me off, but all I could think about was the Red Hot Chili Peppers song. Californication sounded interesting because it’s about a struggling writer, one who has apparently lost his inspiration. Maybe part of the reason he lost his inspiration is because he’s busy having sex with every woman who he sees. I have watched two episodes thus far, and that’s probably all I’ll end up watching, and so far I’ve seen 6 sex scenes, all of which featured frontal nudity, 2 of which were with a girl who is 16 years old (at least she plays a 16 year old, I’m assuming she is 18 in real life since it showed her nude). Occasionally there will be a nugget of truth hidden in the crap, but they are so rare that the show is not worth watching, and the two things I found profound when they were said I’ve already forgotten because of the rest of the junk in the show. It’s such a great example of what most people seek: self-fulfillment.  I will commend the show’s use of music though, that is the only positive thing I can find about it.

So, should you watch this show? If you love ridiculous amounts of cussing, nudity, and sex then yes, otherwise, avoid this show at all costs, I know I will from here on out.