Avatar is quite possibly the most anticipated film of 2009 because director James Cameron hyped his film so much. He claimed that it would “revolutionize” the film industry; he claimed that we will never look at film the same way again, etc. I was incredibly skeptical of all of this. Any time the creator/director/whatever is hyping his movie or video game or book saying it will change everything, I immediately go on my guard.

Let’s start off with the “revolutionary” aspect of Avatar. It was 3-D. Sure, it was well done 3-D, and sure the animation was impeccable, but it was hardly revolutionary. I’ve seen 3-D films before. I’ve been to Disney World where there are plenty of 3-D rides. Avatar is hardly “revolutionary.”

As long as we’re on the negative aspects of Avatar and the 3-D aspect, I’ll go ahead and mention a few things I didn’t enjoy. Sometimes it felt like Cameron was just showing us what 3-D can do. I know he’s a huge advocate of 3-D films and it really felt at times as if Cameron was jumping up and down screaming “LOOK WHAT IT CAN DO! Isn’t it cool how dirt seems to be flying at your face while he runs!? Look, water droplets are floating near your face!” It really felt like a commercial for 3-D at times. My other problem was the heavy-handed politics in the film. There are a lot of messages about how we have to go green and how we’re destroying the earth blah blah blah. I agree for the most part with going green, I’m all for saving rain forests, but I don’t want the message shoved down my throat when I go to see a movie. There also seemed to be some commentary about imperialism and the slave trade which bugged me.

So with all of that out of the way, I really did enjoy Avatar. The story was well done. Avatar is about humans going to the planet Pandora to mine a rare metal that is incredibly valuable. In the process, they are wiping out the indigenous people. I don’t enjoy doing full plot overviews, I’d rather let my readers go and enjoy the film’s story on their own. So that’s as much as I’ll say about the plot.

The characters were well developed throughout the film for the most part. The character and creature design was absolutely astounding. The design of the planet was brilliant. Some of the vehicle designs were less than creative. I’m relatively certain that Avatar completely ripped off the Hornet design from the Halo universe for their helicopter type things. The mech walkers were also completely unoriginal.

The mythology was well thought out. There was a rich back story to Avatar that was conveyed well. The traditions of the indigenous people was conveyed extremely well. I never felt confused about what was happening or overwhelmed by the amount of information.

The acting was well done for the most part. You liked the characters you were supposed to like and you hate the characters you’re supposed to hate. It’s nothing special, but it’s not terrible either.

Overall, I really enjoyed Avatar. And if you have 10 bucks to drop to see it in 3-D, it’s worth it.

Overall Rating: 8/10