I saw an advertisement for Revolutionary Road at the beginning of the Gone Baby Gone DVD and I thought it looked amazing so I decided to rent it. I love Leonardo DiCarprio’s recent roles in drama films and Kate Winslet is in one of my favorite movies of all time, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. Some of the camera work was brilliant and beautiful, I was amazed at some of the shots. Other shots seemed unnecessary. There was one shot of Kate and Leo walking down a hall side by side and not talking, the shot didn’t serve any purpose in advancing the plot, it just seemed extraneous. I thought the acting was great. The times when DiCaprio and Winslet were arguing with each other were some of the best instances of acting I’ve seen in a film.

Philosophically the film was rich as well. I can’t go into all the themes but most of the film was about purpose, what is our purpose here? How can I be meaningful? Frank desperately desires to be remembered and to make a mark on the world but falls short because of his fear and his comfort.

This was one of the hardest films to watch. It’s got a pretty slow pace, and the ending was emotionally devastating. This isn’t a happy film, you won’t walk away feeling better about the world or even about yourself, you’ll probably walk away the same way that I did, devastated.

Overall rating: 7/10